Modern Records Storage

We get your old records out of your way - but not out of your reach.

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World class document management technology for records storage.

Carolina Records Center uses top-of-the-line software from DocuDataSoft. Every type of record—file, box, or backup tape—can be assigned a unique barcode identifier enabling us to quickly locate and retrieve your business information. Functionality includes the ability to:

  • assign retention schedules
  • search for records based on date, department, type, etc.
  • schedule final destruction of documents and files
  • generate a variety of retention reports
  • manage emails, Word and Excel documents, PDFs and other active files

There’s no better solution for safeguarding your business records while simultaneously improving the organization of—and access to—your most critical information!

Convenient, anytime access to your records

We get your old records out of your way - but not out of your reach.

When you store your records with Carolina Records Center you always have access to your business information - 24/7/365. A secure web portal makes it convenient to request your records anytime. Once your request is received, we retrieve your records and deliver them to you with our popular SCAN-ON-DEMAND service. Each of our clients had a dedicated secure Hub Page where they can retrieve the files they requested. Fast, secure, convenient and inexpensive.

We maintain a tight chain of custody with your records.

  • screened and trained professional couriers
  • GPS equipped vehicles
  • strict information security procedures and protocols

Storing and managing your business records doesn’t have to cut into your bottom line. CRC enables you to streamline your business processes while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance with our records storage solutions!

To find out more about our records storage services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.


Free Records Management Analysis

Records storage costs about the same as self-storage and often turns out to be cheaper!



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Did you know...

...that modern records storage is about the same cost as self-storage?

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