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We are so confident that you will love our services and be a client for years to come that we are prepared to make you a special FREE INTRODUCTORY RECORDS STORAGE OFFER.

Still buried under paperwork?

We can help you get control of the paper monster for about the same cost as self-storage, but with many great features.

  • Records Inventory Reports
  • Scan-On-Demand Delivery
  • Records Retention Tracking


Still sending staff to the storage unit to look for files?

It’s expensive to send staff to the self-storage unit to look for old files. What happens when it is time to put them back into storage? All too often, we see storage units with stacks of loose files that were never refiled. Over time the result is lost files and ever worsening records chaos.┬áLet us get you organized with our Introductory Offer that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Still shredding in-house?

How’s it working?

Let’s face it - your staff hates the job, your undersized shredder jams all the time and shredded paper is always overflowing onto the floor. AND to add insult to injury, the result is a dumpster full of scraps that are not shred to the proper degree.

Our Solution - This Special Introductory Records Storage Offer

We're so confident that you will love out services and be a client for years to come that we can make this special introductory offer.

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We can import any electronic record you may have available.
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